Changing Habits & Behaviours


We all have habits and repetitive behaviours. Some are positive and helpful, whilst some of them are self-sabotaging or self-defeating. As a result, they distract us and stop us from focussing on what we are trying to achieve.

When we repeat the same self-defeating behaviours, we often wonder why we continue to make the same old mistakes. “When will I ever learn?” and “why do I keep doing this to myself?”  The answer is… because we have learned to react that way.

Unfortunately, we usually only think about the “why” after a self-defeat and not before. To change sabotaging habits, we will need to chose to think differently before sabotaging ourselves.

For many, it’s not as easy as stopping the habit.  Recovery takes time, patience and a lot of support from loved ones.  Then, understanding what may have caused the problem and learning how to not only overcome it, but manage feelings for the future.

The first step in seeking help is usually to speak to someone about how you are feeling.  Most people may not feel comfortable speaking to friends or family and so speaking to someone completely neutral who is not involved in your life is really helpful.

You may not know whether you have an addiction, problem or a habit; either way, maybe now is the time to make a positive move towards change.

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