Couple Issues

Relationship & Couple Issues

Relationships; including our romantic relationships are a very significant part of our lives.  Some relationships may even be the most important we will ever have.  They can bring us joy, fulfillment and a sense of purpose and for many of us; our relationships provide an important source of advice, guidance, love and support.

Great relationships don’t just happen – they need time, energy and good social skills to stay strong and pass the test of time. With romantic relationships, finding a life partner with whom to share life’s complexities is rarely simple and few relationships are conflict-free.

When any important relationship falters or breaks down, feelings of loneliness, betrayal and confusion are common.  Sometimes we may find our relationships are not as fulfilling as we had hoped and this affects our happiness.  Or, it could be that meaningful relationships are longed for, but finding them proves very difficult.

If you find yourself facing relationship difficulties, it can be very tempting to ignore them and hope that they will either go away or get better by themselves.  Unfortunately, the “crossing fingers” approach is not a good enough strategy to make things better.

Whatever the relationship issue, there is help available in the form of relationship counselling (sometimes called marriage counselling).  In this setting a counsellor will work with couples or individuals to explore their needs and what they want from their relationships, while offering support to help them get their relationship(s) back on track.

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