Self Esteem

Self Esteem & Confidence Building

Self esteem is all about the way we think and feel about ourselves.  This can be positively, negatively or a mixture of the two.

The more positively we feel about ourselves, the higher our self esteem; the more negative, the lower our self esteem.

In our modern world we are continually presented with iconic images of a “perfect” life, be it from the media or the image people around us present to us. As we compare ourselves to these images we can often feel as if we don’t measure up; we feel inadequate and dissatisfied. Over time, this perception of ourselves becomes embedded and becomes a part of who we are.

Working to improve self-esteem takes time and effort. It also needs personal courage and honesty to confront the things in ourselves we don’t like. In the long-term it’s more than worth it as it helps us feel better about ourselves and our lives.

Self confidence is closely linked to self esteem, and is about us trusting our own judgment and feeling comfortable with our abilities. Self-confidence enables us to feel secure and safe in the world. It’s made up of many factors, including how we present ourselves to others and how we relate to other people.

Self confidence brings benefits to all areas of our lives, including relationships, career, social life and state of mind. Some people may be self confident in their work life but not necessarily in their social life, we all differ.