Living with Bereavement & Loss

When a special and significant person dies, the feeling of loss is devastating.  Adjusting to the world, without the person being part of it, is extremely difficult.  Grief grabs you, can take hold of your life and shake it all up.  It’s possible to lose touch with your beliefs, the person you are, even your sense of reality.

Many people feel unable to fully connect with the loss of a loved one and they can feel guilty about that.  There is no right or wrong way to experience grief – everyone must find their own unique way.

There are many emotions that come when facing the loss of a loved one including feelings of:

•         Loss:  That feeling of being abandoned or, all of a sudden, being on your own

•         Anger: How could they leave me now? Why have they left me?

•         Shock: I just couldn’t believe it. I was completely taken by surprise.

•         Disbelief: I can’t believe they’re really gone.

•         Denial: Still expecting the person to be around.

•         Confusion: Feeling overwhelmed and bewildered by the situation.

•         Regret and guilt: Wishing we had said (or not said) something or done more

Grief can be prolonged as anniversaries, significant dates and holidays are particularly difficult.

The following symptoms of bereavement and loss, ongoing or continuing sleep problems, numbness, bouts of depression, suicidal thoughts, fear of the future, shame and an inability to concentrate.

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