Eating socially will make you happier

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Eating socially will make you happier

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Last year, Sainsbury’s launched their “Living Well Index”.  Working in partnership with Oxford Economics and the National Centre for Social Research, the index tracks the mood and wellbeing of the Nation.  As part of this work, they conducted a survey of 8,250 British adults and they found a link between eating with others and reported levels of happiness and satisfaction.

You may think, “Of course, we all feel happier when we can do something socially like eating with friends.”  And you would probably be right.  As an aside, maybe that just goes to show how innately and instinctively we just know what we need to do to be happier – maybe we need to listen to that part of ourselves better.  Anyway, this study showed that we don’t just feel happier at meal times when we eat socially, our overall happiness increased significantly in all areas of our lives.  We could all speculate as to the reasons behind this; reasons like having conversations with others, story‑telling and other rituals involved in sharing a meal with others.

So share meals together more, follow the rituals of eating socially – sit at the table, share food, share stories, have conversations, turn off your TVs and set electronic device alerts to silent.  It’s likely to make you feel happier.