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All Our IFs

All Our IFs Some things seem to happen, from time to time when you are a counsellor. This is one of those times.  Lately for no apparent reason, one word seems to echo in my mind, each time one of my clients utters it.  One seemingly benign word, we use so often, without even thinking.  […]


Self-Love Self-Love; these two little words are so incredibly powerful that they can change your life.  Honestly, they really can.  If you want to understand how, read on. What is it? Building self-love is a life-long pursuit but it is one that is not only worth the effort, it can also be a joyous journey.  […]

Podcast: Grounding in response to COVID-19

The current COVID-19 outbreak and being in lock-down is difficult for many of us. People are social creatures and being stuck indoors with little interaction is hard.To help with this, this Podcast takes you through some grounding techniques, designed to help the feeling of calm and to quieten any worry.

Finding our home at Christmas

What about Christmas? What about it? It seems to be everywhere want it or not… I thought I’ll join in but in what? What is Christmas, what do we think, feel about it? What a strange concept, what you see depending on where you stand, plenty of people telling us why we should love, hate, […]

Eating socially will make you happier

Last year, Sainsbury’s launched their “Living Well Index”.  Working in partnership with Oxford Economics and the National Centre for Social Research, the index tracks the mood and wellbeing of the Nation.  As part of this work, they conducted a survey of 8,250 British adults and they found a link between eating with others and reported […]

Overcome feeling Overwhelmed

What is “Overwhelm”? Being overwhelmed is the feeling of running out of energy.  It takes all your effort and energy to just cope and react to things that you have nothing left to think clearly.  So, well done for reading this far!  Keep going, you’ll be pleased you did. We all get overwhelmed sometimes, like […]


Self-Esteem It’s not uncommon for clients with low self-esteem to come to Hazelwood Counselling looking for help.  In fact, it’s one of the most frequent reasons why people get in touch. People with low self-esteem rarely live their life to the full and generally don’t make full use of their talents and abilities.  Surprisingly, however, […]

Relationship Counselling

Many people that come to Hazelwood Counselling Services are looking to improve their relationships.  This article looks at what relationship counselling is and how it can help. Relationships; including our romantic relationships are significant.  They are a big part of our lives.  Whether you are married, living together, single, gay or straight, it really doesn’t […]

Strategies for Managing Anxiety

Learning techniques to help you manage your anxiety and cope better with the symptoms can really make a difference. So, by having some strategies that work for you, helps you not to let your anxiety rule your life. 1. Take the anxious thoughts and ground them in reality Try to identify what exactly you’re afraid […]